Mobile Touch Camera Update Note

As the boundary tool has been integrated in the latest version of the asset (v1.9) we have time to work on advanced features that are requested more or less frequently. One of those features is multi-selection of pickable items.

Okt.-09-2016 23-26-41.gif

Okt.-09-2016 23-27-17.gif

With a working multi-selection prototype done, another set of requests will be evaluated for implementation in the following days and weeks. Once the prototypes are tested and proven as valuable they’ll find their way into the next updates for the asset.


2 thoughts on “Mobile Touch Camera Update Note

  1. bh chang

    i purchsed “mobile touch camera” unity asset store for ar
    and background is black in ar envirenment
    i want background transeparent
    what do i edit ?

    please reply my e-mail

    thanks for your owesome products



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