Mid Years Note

Since the weather is really bad right now I decided it’d be a good time for my bi-annual blog update. It’s been another fun half year of improving the Mobile Touch Camera asset thanks to a lot of valuable feedback received from our customers. While the feature requests get fewer and fewer, there are still a few things we’re looking forward to tackle in upcoming updates. Right now we’re looking into creating custom editor handles that allow to set the camera scroll boundary directly in the scene. This issue was reported numerous times and the solution will look something like this:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-24 um 17.11.00

In short: You’ll be able to define the boundary, drawn as yellow rectangle, in the scene-view by dragging the blue handles. For fine-tuning you can still use the numeric input fields in the inspector.

Other than that, we recently started to pick up an old prototype for a game written in C++ with OpenGL. The prototype was mainly inspired by the stylish and challenging platformer „N – The way of the Ninja“. We decided to port over the old prototype in Unity and do some more experiments with it. Currently the port serves as playground for gameplay-ideas (hint: procedurally generated levels).


During this work we decided to release the physics-core for the character for free on the Asset Store: Ninja Controller. The community has been of big help in the past which is why we decided to give back a little and maybe help spark some fun ideas by providing this small platformer-character core. NOTE: It comes without the animations seen above.


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