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Summer Jam 2015 Recap

Indiegames Made in Austria is the new black. There has been a significant rise in great releases from Austrian based studios. On the same note, the developer community has been connecting more and more. There are more monthly Meet-Ups than ever before. Not just in Vienna, but also in Graz for example (feel free to send me a message with missing Meet-Ups in other parts of the country).

Talking of Graz, since roughly 2 years GameJams are held at a regular frequency in the styrian capital. Incidentally there has been a Jam quite recently and I was part of it. Within 48 hours the goal was to get a working prototype of a game up and running. We, the team, decided to go for an old-school Top-Down Multiplayer Shooter with ludicrous Powerups – inspired a little by NHL Arcade. With only 48 hours of time, keeping things simple is key. Despite that, we managed to get really fun little game up and running. See for yourselves on the following screenshots.

pet_cemetery1 pet_cemetery2 pet_cemetery3 pet_cemetery4

Cheers to all the participants, as well as the organizers of all the recent Meet-Ups and GameJams.

P.S.: If you know more Meet-Ups in Austrian towns (beside Vienna and Graz), I’d love to hear back from you. I feel like this is the only part that’s still a little bit neglected in the media.