BitBender Games goes MWC 2017

Let’s get straight to the point. We were fortunate to go to this years Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona. As you may or may not know, many of the leading companies show all their latest phones, tablets and other gadets at the congress. Going there is a great opportunity for finding out about the latest trends of mobile devices. Having an Asset in the Unity Asset Store that revolves particularly around games on mobile devices we feel like this is a valuable experience. Among the many cool things to see one of the devices that stood out the most was the Sony Xperia Touch Projector that allowed to project an Android Operating System on a regular table and detect when you would touch a certain point on the table. This would allow you to play games you know from Smartphones just on your kitchen table. While this may not sound special, the idea of having a dynamic playfield in front of you and being able to play games on it, using this projector system was way cool and worked extremely well. We cannot wait to see Clash of Clans types of games being played on natural surfaces like that. We will also try to follow closely on cool trends and ideas like that in order to keep our products polished and working well with these latest trends.


Mobile Touch Camera Update Note

As the boundary tool has been integrated in the latest version of the asset (v1.9) we have time to work on advanced features that are requested more or less frequently. One of those features is multi-selection of pickable items.

Okt.-09-2016 23-26-41.gif

Okt.-09-2016 23-27-17.gif

With a working multi-selection prototype done, another set of requests will be evaluated for implementation in the following days and weeks. Once the prototypes are tested and proven as valuable they’ll find their way into the next updates for the asset.

Mid Years Note

Since the weather is really bad right now I decided it’d be a good time for my bi-annual blog update. It’s been another fun half year of improving the Mobile Touch Camera asset thanks to a lot of valuable feedback received from our customers. While the feature requests get fewer and fewer, there are still a few things we’re looking forward to tackle in upcoming updates. Right now we’re looking into creating custom editor handles that allow to set the camera scroll boundary directly in the scene. This issue was reported numerous times and the solution will look something like this:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-24 um 17.11.00

In short: You’ll be able to define the boundary, drawn as yellow rectangle, in the scene-view by dragging the blue handles. For fine-tuning you can still use the numeric input fields in the inspector.

Other than that, we recently started to pick up an old prototype for a game written in C++ with OpenGL. The prototype was mainly inspired by the stylish and challenging platformer „N – The way of the Ninja“. We decided to port over the old prototype in Unity and do some more experiments with it. Currently the port serves as playground for gameplay-ideas (hint: procedurally generated levels).


During this work we decided to release the physics-core for the character for free on the Asset Store: Ninja Controller. The community has been of big help in the past which is why we decided to give back a little and maybe help spark some fun ideas by providing this small platformer-character core. NOTE: It comes without the animations seen above.

New Years Note

I’m not a man of big words. So here’s a quick „Thank You“ to everybody who purchased the Mobile Touch Camera asset on the Unity Asset Store. Creating and publishing this asset has been a lot of fun so far. Ever since the release we received a lot of great feedback that helped extend as well as polish the functionality. There’s quite a few things on the TODO list still that I’m eagerly trying to look into over the next days and weeks. For now, all the best to all the developers working on cool projects around the globe making use of our humble asset. Cheers and “Prosit Neujahr” (Happy New Year) right from the land of the Neujahrskonzert.

Summer Jam 2015 Recap

Indiegames Made in Austria is the new black. There has been a significant rise in great releases from Austrian based studios. On the same note, the developer community has been connecting more and more. There are more monthly Meet-Ups than ever before. Not just in Vienna, but also in Graz for example (feel free to send me a message with missing Meet-Ups in other parts of the country).

Talking of Graz, since roughly 2 years GameJams are held at a regular frequency in the styrian capital. Incidentally there has been a Jam quite recently and I was part of it. Within 48 hours the goal was to get a working prototype of a game up and running. We, the team, decided to go for an old-school Top-Down Multiplayer Shooter with ludicrous Powerups – inspired a little by NHL Arcade. With only 48 hours of time, keeping things simple is key. Despite that, we managed to get really fun little game up and running. See for yourselves on the following screenshots.

pet_cemetery1 pet_cemetery2 pet_cemetery3 pet_cemetery4

Cheers to all the participants, as well as the organizers of all the recent Meet-Ups and GameJams.

P.S.: If you know more Meet-Ups in Austrian towns (beside Vienna and Graz), I’d love to hear back from you. I feel like this is the only part that’s still a little bit neglected in the media.